What 3M Guarantees for 3M Graphic Products

Individual Product 
Limited Warranty

3M warrants to the Distributor, Graphics 
Manufacturer and End User for whom 
a graphic was produced that each 
3M Product will be free of the defects 
listed below and manufactured to the 
specifications described in the applicable 
Product Bulletin in effect at the time of 
purchase. Additional warranties, if any, 
offered by the Distributor or Graphics 
Manufacturer are separate and exclusive 
of the 3M Warranty.

Please see a complete list of definitions at 
the end of this document, which will help 
you understand the terms of the Warranty.

Expected Performance Life
Expected Performance Life is a reliable 
expectation of the period of time that the 
unprinted, unprocessed 3M Product should 
perform satisfactorily for its intended 
purpose when applied to flat, vertical 
substrates in a non-abusive environment. 
Expected Performance Life is not a 
warranted period of time.

Defect Coverage
This coverage applies only when the 
defect results in the 3M Product not 
meeting the description stated in the 
applicable Product Bulletin and whether 
such defects affect the usefulness of 
the Graphic as determined by customary 
industry standards.

  • Physical Defects. Defects incurred 
during 3M manufacturing processes, 
packaging or shipment.

  • Manufacturing Defects. Visual 
and adhesive defects due to 3M 
manufacturing processes.

  • Graphic Appearance Defects. Defects 
such as excessive dimensional change 
or loss of adhesion or reflectivity that 
makes the graphic visually unsuitable for 
its intended purpose when viewed with 
the intended lighting, angle and distance 
for such a graphic, as determined by 
customary industry standards.

Warranty Limitations
3M Product Bulletins may include 
limitations specific to the 3M Product(s) 
being used or its intended applications, 
which take precedence over any statement 
made in this Warranty Brochure. Bulletins 
may be obtained at www.3Mgraphics.com. 
These limitations apply when the Basic 
Product Warranty is the only warranty 
offered, and are due to factors over which 
3M has no control, including the wide 
variety of ink, printing and manufacturing 
processes that may be employed.

Fitness for Use Limitation. 3M may 
recommend but does not warrant fitness 
for any particular use or any particular 
compatible products.

  • Product Misuse Limitation. This 
warranty does not cover graphic 
products that are modified or damaged 
through improper storage, misuse, 
abuse, accident, vandalism, neglect 
or mishandling of processed or 
unprocessed products by any person. 

  • Printing and Visual Appearance 
No warranty is given for 
satisfactory printing, including but not 
limited to type or manufacturer of ink, 
color fidelity or density.

  • Adhesion, Changeability and 
Removability Limitation.
No warranty is 
given for initial or long term adhesion or 
the ease or efficiency of removing a film 
identified as changeable or removable. 

  • Damage to the Substrate. No warranty 
is given for damage to the substrate due 
to the effect of the adhesive, ink bleed 
through or fading.

Remedies and 
Limitation of Liability

3M’s sole liability under the terms of 
the Basic Product Warranty is credit 
or replacement of the 3M Product. 3M 
requires samples of the defective 3M 
Product and the return of the remaining 
unused 3M Product before a claim is 
evaluated for approval.

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